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Visions, Strategy and Values

Our vision

  • To enhance the quality of life of individuals in the local community through the efficient use of all health care resources available.


  • To provide our patients with high standards of care and attention.
  • To aim to provide seamless patient care between our primary care and local hospital settings.
  • To continue to invest in our premises, new equipment and computer technology in order to improve patient services and decrease staff workload.
  • To continue to encourage a harmonious and mutually supportive partnership with equitable pro rata distribution of work and income.
  • To continue to improve the working environment of our staff and their training so that they can achieve their personal potential and have a fuller understanding of patient needs and the practice needs.
  • To encourage training and shared appraisal of partners, staff, GP Registrars and medical students.
  • To maintain and improve communication within the organisation and to encourage innovative ideas with input from patients and staff.
  • To continue to treat all patients with both dignity and respect and involve all patients whenever possible in their care and further development of the practice.


  • To take pride in our organisation.
  • To treat all patients fairly and without prejudice.
  • To act with integrity at all times.
  • To value the contribution of our staff.
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